Pós-graduação em Higiene Veterinária

e Processamento Tecnológico P.O.A

Lines of



The Program has three main lines of research.
The first is QUALITY CONTROL OF ANIMAL PRODUCTS (P.O.A.), which is described as the microbiological and physicochemical control of animal products, including sensory analysis, determination of micro- and macro-constituents, control of intentional and incidental additives and of microorganisms that cause deterioration and food poisoning.

The second line of research is ANIMAL AND ANIMAL PRODUCT SANITATION, which covers all the spectrum of knowledge about surveillance of animal products, public health, and preventive veterinary medicine concerning zoonoses, food poisoning, and productivity.

The third main line of research is the TECHNOLOGICAL PROCESSING OF ANIMAL PRODUCTS, which addresses all the field of industrial processing of animal products and derivatives, not only in the scope of sanitation inspection, but also in food science and related technological processes, including derivatives.


Rua Vital Brazil Filho, nº 64
Niterói – RJ – CEP 24.230. 340



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